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Dead Soul, the Realest Story that Ever Lived is a rivoting urban fiction novel about an evil spirit that seeks to manipulate two brothers in order to bring forward the anti-Christ into the world. Malcolm, the younger brother finds out how his gangster lifestyle is related to the book of revelations. Trete Lo reveals incidents that happened in his own life in the book and this novel gives an account into Satan's plan to control the world. This book is intense and revealing so much so that there is a prayer in the beginning of the book to protect the reader.

Roshell is lured into adult entertainment as an exotic dancer. Roshell is a college nursing student and single mother, who is about to graduate realizing that upon graduation, she will be drowning in debt. Working part-time at a local hospital her hours get cut even more, forcing her to look for another part-time job to add to her already busy schedule.

   Music has been my conqueror  for pain . It's my therapy and my way to express myself in my isolation. I have once viewed hip hop culture as a means to hide myself, but now I see it as a way to expose myself. I grew up in poverty like most rap artist but my pain was deeper than most because I am from Louisiana. Louisiana is home to the ancient slave as well as the modern day slave. I am of the group that did not leave the south for the promises of the north. I watch the mentality of my people consume them and regurgitate the fact that some may never be free. "Rap is supposed to be fun," is what I often tell myself but the state of the people I see everyday defiles any decision to experience fun. I have come to the conclusion that my rap music must always include a message because we really don't have time for games.

   I just want to live God's will for my life and like any other person intertwined in hip hop, we often become confused. We are all confused about who exactly we think the world wants us to be and who we really are. I choose to be who I am. I don't wear a mask and I don't hide behind any sheild to get my point across. I came to give hope to the felons and the rejected. I came to bring music that will change the mind of society. I know that once you change the mind of any individual, you indirectly change their circumstances. Thank you visiting my world, please share my messages and fill out the form for FREE MUSIC & More!

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