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      I really do this music! I've been down with rap music as long as I can remember hearing it. I've always thought that hip hop should be original. As music today becomes more complex, I find myself constantly searching for new inspiration to create what has never been heard before. I will forever think of each of my hip hop songs as an invention. I firmly believe that rap should be each artist's invention. I grew up in the era of N.W.A, Ghetto Boys, Crucial Conflict, Bone Thugs, Tupac and Biggie. We always thought that if an artist had his style that meant you had to have your own style as well.

   Even though the new generation has not been that inventive overall and some of them have been bashful to admit how much they have taken from the old school lyricist, I still commend them on moving the culture in some direction. I will admit that some of them have pushed the bar too far but I can't help but wonder if I'm just too hard on them because I was raised around great lyricist. Groups like UGK, 8ball & MJG spoke wisdom to me face to face so I have certain standards I must uphold. Anyway, I feel it's best to let them carry on as they please and I'll provide whatever I feel is missing from the game. They shouldn't have a problem with my originality as I seek to not only influence and motivate my peers but to expand the minds of the new hip hop generation. Below is my latest original track and more can be found on youtube. Please subscribe by clicking the button if you like one of my inventions. Thanks for visiting my website.

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