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The Untold

The Martyr

Dead Soul

This is the story of five prime events that shaped Trete Lo into the author, rap artist and film maker he has become today. This novel is also a real story.

This album is only sold on Advertising networks have denied the allowance of advertising this album due to the album cover artwork. This is the monumental hip hop album.

A woman introduces a stranger to her boyfriend as her cousin. Things get out of control once she gets pregnant. Now, her aim is to make his life a living hell. This novel is a real story. 

Like a Lady

Dead Soul is the first of Trete Lo's street fiction books. It's about an evil spirit that tries to manipulate two brothers in order to bring forth the anti-Christ.

A Magnificent Story Teller

Cacha Cream tells the real story "Could You Please Act Like a Lady" with such passion that you'll feel as though you're part of the story. Amazon reviewers and critics all agree on one thing, her stories make you feel real emotions. Don't miss out on her jewel! Trete Lo narrates this urban novel by two black authors.

The Best Speaker for Teens and Young Adults

When you want an upbeat black author and speaker that both teens and young adults enjoy. Trete Lo is definitely the one to book for your events. Trete Lo not only writes urban books or fiction for teens and young adults, he has experience from speaking in classrooms, churches to auditoriums. His speech can be geared toward your purpose in business or church. Trete Lo is an entrepreneur that knows first hand about inner-city crime life and he prides himself on leading pre-teens, teenagers and young adults down the correct path.  

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